Myocardial Perfusion Scan


Myocardial Perfusion scan is a two-part study to assess blood flow and functioning of the heart. There are two types of stress tests offered at Medical Imaging (Treadmill Stress and Adenosine Stress). For both tests, images will be taken upon patient’s arrival. Once the patient completes the stress test an additional set of images will be taken for comparison.

For the Treadmill Stress test, the patient is monitored while on a treadmill which increases in speed and incline until the patient’s heart rate reaches a certain level. The technologist will inject the tracer and the patient will exercise for an additional 2 minutes.

For the Adenosine Stress test, the heart is stressed pharmacologically using Adenosine while the patient is lying down for about 5 minutes. The radioactive tracer is injected at 2 minutes. Images of the heart muscles are obtained for about 120 minutes.

Patients must be caffeine free for 24 hours prior to the test. This includes coffee, tea, colas, chocolate, and decaf products. Patients must be NPO for 4 hours prior to their test. Water is okay. Diabetic patients may have a light meal if needed.

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